10 Beauty Looks From Fall 2014 Paris Fashion Week You Need To See

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If you’re interested in the latest beauty trends for Fall 2014 chances are you already know all about them. So here is a chance to see some really interesting and daring looks that might inspire you for something bigger.

Model backstage at Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 show

Alexander McQueen Fall 2014

At Alexander McQueen there were two beauty looks but this one with feather-y eyebrows we will remember a while. The stark black feather brows contrast with the pearly luminizer makeup artists applied to models’ cupid bows and lower lips.

Model backstage at Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2014 show

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2014

Crazy eyeliner got a whole new definition at Anthony Vaccarello where artists combined black and red ink to create lines around the eyes. The lips got just a touch of color though.

Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014

Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2014

A more conventional eyeliner shape could be found at Kenzo but the electric blue color definitely stood out. The longer wings could only be found at Jean Paul Gaultier. But there the liner was accompanied with sharp black eyebrows and high top knots.

Model backstage at Vionnet Fall 2014 show

Vionnet Fall 2014

Vionnet experimented with eyeliner a bit and went with drawn-on bottom eyelashes. The look is simple but daring.

Cara Delevingne at Chanel Fall 2014 fashion show

Chanel Fall 2014

Neon green and glitter seem like an unlikely combination but artists made it work at Chanel Fall 2014 show. The outer corners of the eyes were painted acid green while the inner corners dazzled with glittery shadows.

Model backstage at Fatima Lopes Fall 2014 show

Fatima Lopes Fall 2014

Green has definitely been popular at this fashion week as was blue. At Fatima Lopes green makeup was more glamorous and tasteful albeit daring. Flawless wings extended to the upper lids and ended parrallel to the eyebrows. Manicure has echoed the eyes.

Model backstage at Manish Arora Fall 2014 show

Manish Arora Fall 2014

The looks at Manish Arora are probably a beauty enthusiast’s dream and challenge. There’s plenty of color, extravagant falsies and all kinds of decor.

Model backstage at Manish Arora Fall 2014 show

Manish Arora Fall 2014

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