10 Beautiful Formal Wedding Hairstyles

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Looking gorgeous on a wedding day requires some effort, if not a lot of effort. Hair has to be perfect but it doesn’t mean it should be an artwork to look great. Here are our favorite wedding hairstyles both beautiful and formal fit for different hair and personal styles.

10 Wedding Hairstyles

Low (Side) Chignon

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A low bun is a romantic and classic updo that is easy to create yourself and can be worn in various ways including the side version and accessorized with a hair piece and flowers.

Curly Bun

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Pull up the curly ends into a romantic bun and accessorize with a headband or a jeweled hair clip. If your hair is naturally curly prepare them with a styling product separating each curl and giving it shape and form. If hair is straight then go with the rollers or hair curling iron to create springy curls.

Vintage Waves

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Retro waves are great worn loose and in an updo. It is also a perfect wedding hairstyle for those who have short hair especially a bob haircut. Accessorize with embellished hair pins and small clips.

Accessorized Waves

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Firm waves accessorized with a veil always look appropriate and romantic. If you want a more dreamy look use small hair accessories or flowers to decorate the waves.

Crown of Curls

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This hairdo may be tim-consuming but it looks gorgeous. The curls are layered at the crown and forehead and decorated with live roses. It’s a truly beautiful and romantic updo.

Bouffant Updo

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A bouffant updo is chic. It can be worn in various versions including the ponytail and a braid. It can also be accessorized with a thin headband or tiara.

Greek Goddess Hair

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Greek style wedding hairdo will surely make you a goddess at your own wedding. You can wear the hair up or half up and decorate the length of the hair with different hair accessories.

French Twist

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A classic French twist always looks great. It demands a perfect execution but it will equally look perfect for the rest of the evening. You may also put a twist to it and do a tousled version of it.

Retro Roll

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Retro roll looks exquisite and it may require a bit of practice or better yet help from a professional. Planning a retro-themed wedding? Retro roll is just the hairstyle for it.

Romantic Braid

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Can never go wrong with a romantic braid. A side plait or a fishtail can be embellished with accessories and flowers. A couple of strands at the face can be waved or curled to frame the face.

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