Victoria Beckham’s Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Tricks

Well, there is no better celebrity woman who knows more about successful post-pregnancy weight loss, than Victoria Beckham. After giving birth to her newest daughter, Harper last month and gaining 1st 7lb, Posh Beckham is rumored to get stuck to an effective post-pregnancy weight loss plan. Check out all her weight loss tricks.

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Victoria Beckham’s Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Tricks

If to speak about post-pregnancy weight loss tricks there is no better celebrity adviser than the mother of 4 Victoria Beckham. She gave birth to her first daughter, Harper last month, but already now Victoria is concerned over post-pregnancy weight loss. We’ve found out how she manages to keep her body toned even after giving birth, and now ready to share with you. Read on to learn undoubtedly effective Victoria Beckham’s post-pregnancy weight loss tricks.

Victoria Beckham is rumored to be ‘kept’ in a rented Malibu mansion where she does her best to get her toned pre-pregnancy body back. We’ve found out that Viki follows so called ‘Five Hands’ diet to get her gorgeous body back just in time for New York Fashion week, which by the way is going to be held in the beginning of September!

Her crash diet plan consists of just five handfuls of food a day! Besides, Victoria’s cut out sugar from her daily food ration.

Five days after giving birth, she started eating five high-protein meals a day accompanied by green vegetables, drinking gallons of water, and only snacking on goji berries and nuts.

To improve the results of her dieting she is doing post-natal exercises and 10 minutes of Pilates a day, but in a few weeks she is going to start her usual workout routine being guided by one of the most celebrated fitness trainers, Tracy Anderson.

Well, we can’t but hope Viki’s harsh post –pregnancy weight loss plan won’t affect her baby, Harper…

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