Sara Rue Knows How to Lose Extra Pounds

Just look at Sara Rue! She has lost more than 50 lbs and now she is looking amazing. It must be admitted Sara Rue knows for sure how to lose extra pounds. Learn her secret to achieve the same great results.

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Recently Sara Rue’s bikini body photo has leaked into the web and it must be admitted she is looking amazing having lost more than 50 lbs… and everything is due to miraculous Jenny Craig program. Sara Rue now knows how to work out properly, eat healthy and keep her weight off. And thanks God she has kindly shared her special tips to lose extra pounds:

Sara Rue Knows How to Lose Extra Pounds

I lost 50 pounds in 7 months, losing 1-2 pounds a week with Jenny Craig, which is the safe way to do it.

Sara admitted.

At first she included running and doing cardio to get ready for bikini season and after added some crunches and body resistance exercises to the workout routine. But she didn’t overload herself and used to work out in moderation.

I strongly believe that it’s not about being thin; it’s about being comfortable in your own skin!

The very truth itself!

Sara used to workout 4 days a week for 45 minutes, having customized her workouts in order not to get bored.

I enjoy doing cardio and have really gotten into running since losing the 50 pounds and training for my first half-marathon. I also do squats, lunges, and do some strength training with body resistance bands.

As for the diet plan, Sara Rue admitted that the main thing there was portion control and Volumetrics:

Volumetrics is a key element of Jenny Craig, and is all about maximizing my meals with fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables in order to keep me satisfied. Volumetrics is brilliant, because you’re never hungry.

Well, the result seems to be quite obvious. The way to go, Sara!

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One Response to “Sara Rue Knows How to Lose Extra Pounds”
  1. An Unsolicited Male Opinion Says:

    I ain’t trying to hate, but as a guy, I thought she was hotter before she lost the weight. Plump is good, ladies. Eat that extra bar of chocolate. It looks good on you.

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