Red Lips Can Kill!

Red lips or more exactly red lipstick can turn out to be very dangerous for its wearer. Almost every celebrated cosmetic brand is implicated. Learn the shocking results of the latest scientific research.

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Red lips can kill, that is what the latest scientific research says, or to be more precise it is red lipstick that has attracted a great deal of scientists’ attention.

Red Lips Can Kill!

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics [the US organization] tested several red lipstick samples and here is the shocking result. 33 celebrated cosmetic giants among which are CoverGirl, Christian Dior, and L`Oreal or 61% of tested lipsticks contains LEAD! Surely there is no such a standard for measuring the maximum allowable content of lead. That is why scientists were guided by the US standards set for candies.

Large quantity of lead in human body can cause development delay, aggression and even death. That is why think twice applying harmful red lipstick to your lips.

Some of our favorite celebs ignored scientists’ opinion; take a look at celebrities sporting red lipstick>>

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