Megan Fox’s Hot Body Tips

Megan Fox is deservedly considered to be one of the sexiest Hollywood stars. Alluring look combined with hot absolutely perfect body does its part. Find out how Megan keeps in so enviable shape. Megan Fox’s hot body tips are just below.

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Megan Fox’s Hot Body Tips

Megan Fox has recently admitted that she is absolutely happy with her body. Actually, no wonder as her body is really perfect especially after 24-year-old actress has got her curves back having gained 4 lbs. Want to get the same gorgeous body like Megan Fox, you are on the right tack, read on to learn Megan Fox’s hot body tips.

Earlier Megan stuck to a very strict diet that led her to extreme leanness. Fortunately, Megan has relaxed it, treating herself at least at the weekends, while on weekdays she eats only salad and veg. Due to this relaxation she gained 4 lbs. that are no doubt right on the button.

In addition to a healthy diet Megan sticks to a workout plan. She is rumored to work out with his husband Brian Austin Greene, who’s by the way drawn Fox into exercising.

He’s always worked out – and he got Meg into it. She does cardio and weights twice weekly but focuses on yoga and Pilates, which she loves.

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