How To Stay Healthy In Winter

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How To Stay Healthy In Winter

Winter is the period of increase in cold and flu so it’s important to know how to stay healthy. There is a number of ways to ensure you stay healthy throughout the season.

Stay Healthy In Winter

Be Active

Physical exercise increases our immiunity to viruses and colds. Get your portion of exercise in the morning to warm and feel fresh and energized.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with regular soap but not antibacterial one since the latter might do worse than protect you from bacteria. Especially if you work with a lot of people and make physical contact with them through hand shaking be sure to use alcohol-based sanitizer and wash hands more often to avoid the cold, flu, and other illness.

How To Stay Healthy In Winter

Enrich Your Diet

Make sure you’re eating healthy foods and enrich your diet by including more fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and excluding pre-fabricated processed foods. This is a great strategy for any season but in winter we need more vitamins so make sure to eat green veggies and various fruit like Vitamin C-rich oranges. Also think nuts, olive oil, honey, and garlic which help protect the immune system.

Ventilate Your Home

Ventilating your home especially if someone is already sick in the house will help clean the air of the bacteria.

Change Into Dry Clothes

Regardless of cold we sweat in winter as well so when it’s too hot indoors it’s easy to get sweaty really fast in all the warm clothes so that when we step outside the risk of getting cold becomes higher. Change your clothes as soon as you come after a workout or a long work day especially if you are going out again.

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