How To Stay Fit On Vacation

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Vacation is the time to get relaxed and rested from all the hassle of a stressful job and mundane tasks. But it often leads to overindulging in foods and alcohol, which results in a couple or more extra pounds. While only focusing on relaxing by the pool or better yet sea/ocean might be a comforting thought during those last working days exercising a bit of restraint and caution is the little you can do to prevent those extra pounds piling on.

Stay Fit On Vacation

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Cut Down Alcohol

While probably no smart person goes places just to bring back home a somewhat hazed mess of memories overdoing it with alcohol is quite possible without getting wasted. One or two sweet cocktails and you may still stand firm on your feet but those drinks already messing with your insulin levels causing your blood sugar to drop and demand food.

Eat Fresh

Eating fresh fruit and veggies is quite easy on vacation especially if you prefer exotic resorts. This way you can easily stay satiated without consuming high calorie foods. Take fruit and veggie slices with you on tours and shopping or buy them near attractions instead of fast food. Also eating your main course with loads of fresh veggies will make you eat less calories allowing you also to indulge in some dessert.

Do What You Can

When on vacation you may not want to workout but then again you really should decide what’s more important to you, absolute temporary comfort or a long-term satisfaction with your look. Most hotels have fitness centers with mostly machines but even that will be quite enough to exercise for 30 minutes given you will be walking, swimming, and moving a lot.

It’s not that difficult to stay fit on vacation especially if you have been working on your body a lot prior to that. It is simply about balancing the calories consumed and burned. And if you don’t want to log everything you eat while on vacation, these simple tips will help you keep you in shape.

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