How To Prevent Catching A Cold

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If your immunity fails to fulfill its function you can easily catch any virus, especial the one of a common cold. And while it seems almost inevitable to fall ill in such a situation there are still a few things you can do to prevent that. We have collected a few simple tips here which have proved its effectiveness on many people.


Before we start with the tips to prevent catching a cold we find it reasonable to mention that a common cold is a highly contagious disease you can get during any season when you inhale the virus (actually around 100 of virus which cause a cold), rub it into your eyes, mouth or nostrils after touching surfaces a sick person touched before you. So, when you feel your organism gives you signs something is wrong make sure you take all possible measures not to make other people infected.


Tips which can help you to prevent getting a common cold


1. Wash your hands. This is a rule you can never break. It is always effective and takes you little time to do. If you can’t wash your hands in a certain situation use wet wipes and try to avoid touching your face.

2. Sleep more. Insufficient sleep is a problem of our generation. We think that if we spend fewer hours for sleeping nothing will happen, because we are strong and eat healthily. This is not actually true. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has revealed that those people who sleep fewer than seven hours a night are about three times as likely to become ill compared to those who sleep for eight hours or more. Besides, to keep your body in good condition you have to sleep all hours without waking up.


3. Avoid stresses. I know you are saying now that we get stressed all the time and everywhere. You are right. But still we believe you can control it, at least to some extent. According to the research mentioned above people who suffer from ongoing stress are more likely to get a cold than people who aren’t. The longer the stress affects you the more susceptible to viruses you become. To reveal stress try yoga, meditation or any other techniques your body responds to.

4. Spend more time with other people. The study has revealed that people who have a lot of friends and large families tend to get colds more seldom than those who prefer loneliness. Besides they tend to live longer and happier.


5. Exercise. Regular exercise doesn’t only help you stay fit it also boosts the immune system. In addition to this, there is some evidence that exercise can help people who suffer from a cold recover faster.

6. Take vitamin C. While there are arguments on whether Vitamin C is good or bad for your health, majority of experts tend to believe that taking vitamin C in small doses in addition to drinking enough liquids will be a helpful preventive measure. But the principle ‘the more the better’ can’t be related to Vitamin C. If a person takes too much of it and is dehydrated, vitamin C can crystallize in his kidneys and bladder causing the formation of stones in them.

Stay healthy and enjoy your life!

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