How To Finally Embrace Healthy Lifestyle And Become Fit

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There are so many tips on how to become more healthy and fit. Even we featured a post on how to motivate yourself to workout and top 5 reasons to workout. But are this kind of articles necesserily motivational? Well, no, as it all depends on every individual and their readiness to stay on the healthy side diet and workout-wise. It took this author about half a year to get a gym membership but when she did all the exuses went out the door. Probably because this whole time she was mentally preparing for change?

Embrace Healthy Lifestyle And Become Fit

Woman exercising

Outdoor exercise

There is not only time and money issue with maintaining a healthy routine. Sometimes there’s just isn’t enough motivation, energy or desire. And if you think you should come down harder on yourself it might also not be the best idea.

To embrace this really hip and healthy lifestyle everyone is talking about isn’t only about the looks. Feeling better in general and having more energy to go thrhough a tough day is a great bargain for a few inconvenient hours a week.

The idea is not about finding an exercise partner or the raddest new gym in town. It’s about finding the closest gym near your work or home or daycare and attend it at the most convenient time. Whether you are interested in losing weight or toning up choose the classes that don’t discourage you. If you love dancing, you don’t even need the gym.

To eat healthy you don’t have to cut out everything you love from your diet. It’s basic calorie consumption versus calorie burn. If you want to lose weight you’ll have to cut calories you consume and increase the number of calories you burn through exercise. You can still have your chocolate as it’s said to boost metabolism and is good for the heart and brain. The dark kind.

Once you start seeing the results you are less likely to go rogue with your diet or workout. You’ll just be too protective of your progress. Believe me.

There are many other great benefits to working out regardless the location but it’s all about the mentality. If you want to really shed the weight and keep it off or just be muscular and toned it is a commitment you’ll have to make for life. And it’s not scary or bad. You can still eat bread and pasta, just be sure they are a whole grain kind. You can still indulge in takeout once in a while. But the rest of the time, make sure to have a few healthy recipes you enjoy cooking and know that you always have no limit on eating fresh veg.

You can start on Monday if that’s the most convenient time for you.

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