Foods that Sabotage your Workout

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Foods that Sabotage your Workout

Sometimes it is just enough to avoid eating some certain foods to get evident fitness results. Even if one or another food choice seems to you absolutely healthy, it can ruin your fitness success. Read on to check out more on foods that can be blamed for sabotaging your workout.

Top 3 Foods that Ruin Your Workout:

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Foods that Sabotage your Workout

Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of lean protein that is actually necessary for healthy body functioning. But it is not the right food choice just before the workout. The matter is that protein takes a lot time to digest that can’t but make you feel lade during your workout.

Protein Bar

Foods that Sabotage your Workout

Hey, don’t buy into ad gimmicks! Protein bar is frequently not better for you than its candy counterpart. More often it has more than 200 calories that could be weighing down your workout. But if you’d like your protein bar to be healthy, look for the one with an equal amount of sugar and protein.

Caffeinated Drinks

Foods that Sabotage your Workout

Despite the lift-me-up effect caffeinated drinks can give you, they are considered to be extremely harmful for you, if consumed just before the workout. Such drinks literally packed with calories but can’t leave you full. Besides, all the caffeinated drinks usually contain a great amount of sugar that will leave you feeling tired. Moreover caffeinated energy drinks can cause gas and bloating.

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