Varicose in summer – how to deal with it?

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No matter where you are – at work, on the beach or on your comfortable sofa – make sure you take proper care of your legs. In summer, even when you have a rest your veins work under big pressure.

When the temperature goes up to 73 F and higher not only the direct sun rays affect the condition of your veins but the air temperature as well.

If you are on the beach…

Don’t neglect the idea of sunbathing. Sun is great, but be clever using its rays. Sunbathe in the morning until 11 a.m. and in the evening after 4 p.m. – when the sun isn’t so active. Sea water can help your legs feel relieved. Regular swimming sessions and walks along the coast will be very helpful for your veins.


Use a natural stimulator for your feet – walk on the beach, no matter what it is covered with – sand or pebbles. Apply cream or gel to your legs every day. And every evening after you have cleaned your teeth pour your legs with cool water.

walking on the beach

Warning: UV rays reduce the elasticity of the vein walls. So, ensure you are not exposed to the sun all day long.

If you are in the office…

Run on the spot if you have no opportunity to run somewhere else. Do gymnastics – take a tennis ball and roll it over with your feet.

Take off your shoes and walk on your toes. Your veins need various exercises, so, wear different shoes varying the height of the heel.

heel height

Warning: Stay away from too tight clothes and lingerie, otherwise in addition to the vein spots on legs you will have vein spots in the groin.

Drink about 2 liters of water every day (or 1 glass each hour) especially if you work in a room with an air conditioning. This will prevent the development of dehydration and as a result blood viscosity and additional problems with your veins will be less possible.

If you travel by an airplane…

While flying a person experiences heightened hydrodynamic pressure on veins of lower limbs during a takeoff and landing. Then continuous sitting leads to static pressure. This results in congestion of blood and formation of clots.

If you have to fly long distances feel free to stretch your legs, walk along the aisle, or draw something with your toes in the air – repeat these at least once within an hour.

Warning: Don’t drink strong drinks as they tend to block liquid flow in the organism.

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