Top Fitness Blunders to Avoid

Spending all your spare time on exercising but achieve no results only means one thing! The problem lies in the way you’re exercising. Make sure you learn the following top fitness blunders that should be avoided and get the most of your fitness routine.

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Top Fitness Blunders to Avoid

A fit body is no doubt the dream of every woman. We are willing to do anything to get the desirable effect. However in chase of a toned body we usually commit blunders. Thus we’ve prepared for you the set of top fitness blunders that should be avoided if you want to get enviably sculpted body.

Frequent Workouts

You probably think that the more often you are exercising the better results you will get. But in fact everything is quite opposite. The matter is that your body doesn’t have enough time to rest between your workouts and you start losing your progress and as a result your exercises become useless. Remember, the more intensively you exercise, the more time your body needs to recover.

Skipping Warm-ups

Do you think all these warming up exercises are not for the pro like you are? You’re strongly mistaken! Warming up is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid injuries. Five or ten minutes of a good warm up will help your body to get prepared for the workout itself and you will definitely get the better results.

Get stuck on the Same Workout Plan for more than 6 Months

Doing the same cardio exercises for more than 6 months can lead to nothing more than you will be fed up with working out at all. Moreover when you repeat the same exercises for a long time your muscles aren’t challenging anymore that will end up in no results. That is why I strongly recommend you to diversify your workout routine.

Working out in Pain

Another fitness blunder to avoid is working out in pain. As everybody knows pain is the way our body signals that something has gone wrong. So why do we think that exercising should be accompanied by pain? Thus, if you experience pain, irregular heartbeat or simply discomfort while exercising stop it immediately!

Coupling Crash Diet with Fitness

If you think that coupling your crash diet with your workout routine can give you better results, you are wrong! 2000 calories are required to provide normal daily activity of a woman.  And when you are not getting enough energy to provide physical activity your body starts burning your muscles. That’s why it is better to stick to low-calorie diet instead of starving.

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