Tennis Health Benefits

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Tennis, as a popular game we know, has originated in XIX century, in England and was usually referred to as “lawn tennis”. Currently there are different rules and types for this game. Tennis is a sport, which is great for keeping the gorgeous bodies in tone and boosting up the spirit, but this type of sport also have the distinct health benefits. Today we are going to discover several of these health benefits, so read on!

tennis benefits

Recreational Tennis and Health Advantages

Recreational tennis, or tennis, that is not played professionally has many benefits to offer, cardiovascular health being on top of it all. According to specialists, researches show that three hours of tennis weekly, reduces the heart disease risk by half. This happens because tennis is a moderate aerobic exercise, and as we remember these are highly beneficial for the heart.

Tennis also benefits the muscles, bones, agility levels, but moreover it burns the calories much faster than other recreational activities, such as bowling or golfing. Tennis improves balance, posture and increases flexibility, mobility and agility. Agility is especially important in boosting up the organism and giving to us more energy.

tennis benefits

Another aspect where tennis is beneficial is weight loss. According to experts, it helps for burn fat much faster than other leisure activities, as it lowers body fat and cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease and provides better bone health, because the movements are so intense.

Moreover, tennis is also beneficial for the psychological wellbeing of an individual. It improves the logical thinking, as the person needs to think in tactics and also boosts the competition spirit, which is needed in our daily lives. As you see, tennis is very beneficial for our health, as it affects many areas, including cardiovascular aspects, muscle and bones structures, and general wellbeing.

tennis benefits

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