Make Time For Workout: Staying Fit On The Go

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Living on the go might not leave any room for rest let alone a proper gym workout but it can also take toll on your body in terms of health and fitness. So instead of ‘accepting life as it is’ make time for your workout to boost energy and heal those back pains.

Workout Ideas For Staying Fit On The Go

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Squeezing workout into your lunch period is a great idea. You can eat a little early and by the lunchtime you’ll be full of energy. You don’t have to go to the gym either. You can start going for long walks or you could go running. If that’s not an option for you though there are plenty of other ideas on how to workout while living on the go.

If you move a lot during the day make sure to walk fast to get your heart rate up. Have a fresh spare blouse in your bag to change during the day as you’ll sweat. This is a good way of burning calories just be sure to pack a healthy snack or lunch and stay away from sugary and fatty products like donuts, burgers and fries.

If you sit at the office all day and don’t really want/have time to workout before or after the work day you can do some excersices right at work and really sweat up on weekends. If your office allows have a trainer at work and do intense interval cardio excercises but even without the trainer you can do jumping jacks, burpees, and squats while no one’s watching. Get an excercise ball and switch it up with your office seat every couple of hours to get a back and abs wokring.

Standing desk

Standing desk

There are also such options as a standing desk or a trainer seat. The first is way higher than a regular desk which allows you to stand while working which in turn makes your muscles work more. And the second one is a trainer that is either incorporated into your seat or replaces it.

If you ride a lot during the day but the distances aren’t long enough why not swap your car for a bike? Thus you’ll be moving more and will definitely have your workout during the day.

If you cut out the not so productive or necessary activities from your day you can make some time for a workout. Find the closest gym to your house to waste no precious time. There are quite a few more ways on how to be more physically active but these ideas are definitely help you make time for workout.

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