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We rarely think about our sleep considering it something simply an every day organism need. But proper sleep or the position our body lies in dutring this time determines our physical condition. Have you ever thought about the comfort for your night breast sleep?

Kush – Comfort Breast Sleep1

Women with C cup breasts or implants, or those pregnant or nursing can say: “Yes” to the Kush plastic cylinder that properly supports the breasts providing a comfortable night’s sleep and allowing you to wake up as unwrinkled and as pert as ever.

The plastic cylinder slips between the breasts to prevent breasts from weighing on one another thus preventing backache or night-time discomfort caused by breast surgery.

Cathinka Chandler, the inventor of Kush says:

“As women age, wrinkles and folds can form between the breasts. Because I sleep on my side, I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other was the culprit. Kush offers more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep.”

It’s a perfect device for women with larger breasts.

The American gadget is being launched in Britain by Joanne Darbost from Lincolnshire.

She has noticed an absence of products to support the breasts at night when she was pregnant herself, when she found the product for sale in the US she decided to bring it to Britain.

She said:

I have three children, and with each pregnancy I was able to find plenty of tummy support products, but there was nothing to keep the breasts supported.”

Kush cylinders’ price depends on size, and is available in seven colours from

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