Introduction to Pilates

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Pilates is a popular way of exercising, which is greatly similar to yoga, but without the excessive stretching. Pilates is not simply a set of workouts, but also a philosophy which helps to change the mindset and live a healthy life. Today we are going to explore the basics of Pilates, so read on if you want to know more!

Pilates Basics

Basics of Pilates

Pilates, as a system has evolved in early XX century when it was developed by Joseph Pilates, and later on it became really popular, majorly because of its mind oriented system, that trains not only the body, but changes the lifestyle.

Pilates involves several exercises, which can be done with a use of special equipment or without any. One of the most often used tools is the traditional mat; however some exercises might require other equipment. One of the aspects of the escalating popularity of Pilates is that in can be done at home, as well as in the gym. However, it is advised that you first attend several basic classes, to get familiar with the system.

Pilates Basics

The obvious benefits of Pilates are flexibility, muscle strength, legs strength, endurance in abs, arms and back. The focus of attention lies on breathing, spinal and pelvic alignments and development of a strong core center, as well as improvement of coordination and balance. Among the most important aspects of Pilates is constant concentration on your activity.

The range of difficulty could be modified according to the user. With regards to equipment, it is best to have the basic tools, such as mat, fitness ball and your motivation handy, and buy the remaining equipment as you advance. As you see, Pilates is a complex system, which not only affects your body and your tonus – but also changes the lifestyle, and makes you consider your life choices and value concentration.

Pilates Basics

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