Hula Hoop Workouts and Health Benefits

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Hula Hooping is a type of exercise where you twirl a hoop around your waist for some period of time. It seems quite easy; however you would be surprised how many health benefits this workout actually has! Today we are going to explore hula hoop workout and its benefits!

Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping Exercises

Although hula hooping might seem quite childish, it is actually an ancient technique. The evidence shows that this exercise was used in Ancient Egypt and Greece! In Great Britain, hula hooping was introduced as a toy for children in XIV century, as indicated in some sources. However, the modern history of the hula hoop has begun when Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin has made hula hoop a trademark in 1958. The name is inspired by the traditional Hawaiian dance – hula, where the movements are reminding those needed for hula hooping.

Currently, hula hoops are made from plastic, aluminum, willow, grapevine and other materials. Apart from being the child’s toy, hula hoops are also meant to tone up the body. The adult version of the hula hoop is of course bigger, being about 40 inches in diameter. They can also be heavier for the special effect of exercising.

Hula Hooping

Although the procedure is quite simple: you just have to twirl the hula hoop around your waist with certain movements, yet the benefits of this activity are endless. First of all, there are cardiovascular advantages, as it has been proven by scientists, that hula hooping is an aerobic exercise that helps the blood circulation. Among other benefits is the toning of tummy muscles, as well as other adjacent muscles.

People that practice this activity on a regular basis do say that nothing can benefit the waist muscles and make the waist more obvious than does hula hooping. Others say that their general wellbeing has increased, because of the regular exercising and particularly hula hooping. Hula hooping also increases the coordination, flexibility and boosts up your mood. However, this kind of workout is restricted for those who have kidney problems, as well for those who are pregnant. So, generally hula hooping is fun, beneficial for your body and your heart, but has very few restrictions.

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