How To Increase Your Physical Activity

Gym is not the only place where you can workout. Home and outdoors exercise can be just as effective. But in order to improve fitness it is important to increase daily physical activity. Some very simple things like walking and performing house chores can increase your physical activity.

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How To Increase Your Physical Activity

It is a known fact that physical activity is the key to healthy life. Exercises help not only burn calories and fat but also grow muscle, strengthen the heart and tone and sculpt the body. It’s also important to move to boost immune system that protects us from viruses and infections. So no matter why you want or need to move more here are a few ways of how to increase your physical activity to be more healthy:

Walk At Least 10 Minutes a Day

Walk at least 10 minutes everyday. It’s not much, but it’s better than having no physical activity at all. Besides walking is said to reduce stress and depression as it promotes the release of endorphins and helps the body relax and calm.

Take A Bike

Instead of taking a car opt for a bike. It certainly makes you move and it definitely won’t get stuck in traffic. Leave the car for long distance rides and special occasions. It won’t only increase your physical activity but will also reduce the fumes.

How To Increase Your Physical Activity

Take The Stairs

Another way of increasing your physical activity is to take the stairs whenever possible. Climbing the stairs is harder than walking the even ground so there are many benefits to it like leg strength training and cardio effect.

Do Housework

If you feel that you need to move more think about the the chores that include high physical activity and perform them regularly. Gardening, mowing the lawn, and all other high energy chores can increase your daily activity and help burn some more calories.

Remember that a healthy well-balanced diet is as important as physical activity so try to avoid junk food, fast food, sweets, and processed foods. Also avoid overeating. Combining a good diet with exercise and increased physical activity can help stay fit and healthy.

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