How to choose a sunscreen – Ingredients

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When summer comes many people go to the seaside but often take only a pair of sunglasses, a fashionable hat and a beach umbrella with them forgetting about the fact their skin also needs protection.

Doctors have been warning us about the harm of UV rays exposure and the development of cancer or some skin diseases as a possible result. Besides, if you stay in the sun for too long you’ll get sunburnt.

No one can deny that UV rays are useful, for they promote metabolism and improve blood circulation in skin. But to get that positive sun effect you can stay in the sun no longer than 15 minutes.

So, if you wish to sunbathe on the beach you need additional protection. Sunscreens are perfect for that but you should know what type of it you need.


In search of the most effective sunblock you can purchase dozens and then get disappointed in over the half of them. According to the recent survey now customers prefer sunscreens with natural ingredients.

Doctors claim natural ingredients are not only useful for skin but have an ability to reflect harmful UV rays like a mirror.

Here is a short characteristic of natural ingredients coming in a sunblock which can provide good sunscreen protection from harmful rays:

Edelweiss extract – a good antioxidant, reduces harmful impact of the sun and protects from UV radiation.

Green tea – a strong antioxidant, prevents skin cancer development and protects skin from harmful sun rays during sunbathing.

Hibiscus – promotes generation of melanin, a substance that works to protect skin from UV rays.

Vitamin E and betakarotin – antioxidants, protect skin from free radicals.

Aloe – an antioxidant, protects skin from UV rays.

Among other natural substances to protect skin from the sun negative influence can be: calendula and chamomile extracts, avocado, sesame oil, etc.

So, as you have already understood natural ingredients are great… but only for women under 30 with olive complexion. But if you have fair complexion and are older than the aforementioned age you just cannot do without sunscreen with chemical ingredients as these provide more intensive protection.

Chemical does not mean harmful, it means substances were made artificially and can protect your skin from all types of rays. It is best to choose a sunblock that promises protection from both UVB and UVA rays. Usually this information is given on the packing.

To know more about how to choose a good sunscreen read our next post called ‘How to choose a sunscreen – SPF index’.

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