How to apply bronzer

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Bronzer is a wonderful invention that allows us to look tanned all year round. And it’s much cheaper and less dangerous than other products or procedures. But there are some secrets you should know to have a perfect tan in the result.

First of all, it’s really difficult to apply the bronzer so well that it looks the same as natural tan. Those who are going to use the bronzer for the first time should know some nuances of applying the bronzer perfectly and ways to correct possible mistakes.

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How to create the illusion of naturan tan
To create beautiful natural-looking tan take a few table spoons of body lotion and mix these with the bronzer in the proportion 1/3. Apply to clean dry skin.

Such a mixture softens the skin and absorbs better but the tan you get in the result will not be too bright.

Besides, the composition absorbs faster and is great for those occasions when you need to have the effect immediately. And what is more: it doesn’t smell like bronzer.

How to make oneself slimmer with bronzer
You might not believe me but bronzer can help to create a slimmer silhouette. By the way, many models do use this method!

Before applying the bronzer exfoliate the skin with any scrub to get the even tan. Work thoroghly on rough surfaces – knees, elbows, heels. If you are going to spread the bronzer all over your body, the entire body has to be exfoliated. Then dry yourself and moisturise the skin with a lotion.

Apply the bronzer by spraying it all over in circular movements. Hold the bottle at a distance no shorter than 3 inches from the skin. Try to apply it evenly. Don’t overdo with knees and elbows.

When the whole body is covered with the bronzer, apply a little more of that on your thighs and body sides to make them darker – this will create a slimmer body visually.

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How to correct mistakes of the bronzer application
To make too dark spots lighter spread some baby oil and let it absorb, it will soften the skin. After that exfoliate those spots with scrub or a rough sponge.

Wipe the darker stains with a cotton wad wet with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. The same procedure will help if you haven’t use special gloves for applying the bronzer and your palms have got orange. In case you have no lemon juice or peroxide try usual baking soda. If there are stains on your face use tonic for face skin (with no alcohol as an ingredient in it) or makeup removal.

Choose bronzers which are mixed with lotion.

you have moisturized the skin wait for 30-40 minutes before applying the bronzer.

Apply the bronzer bottom-up. Let it dry well and only then get dressed.

Don’t apply too much of the product, otherwise the tan will look unnatural.

It is preferable to apply the bronzer before bedtime to get the desirable effect in the morning.

How to find the right bronzer
Before you decide which product will work best for you look at several products. Determine what effect you exactly want: light tan or dark tone, matte or shining. Find out what your skin tone is, because if you choose something that doesn’t go with your skin tone you can look like an alien. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try 2-3 variants.

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