Folk Measures Against Corns

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We have already talked about plantar callosity problems but how to help your feet if there are already some of these.

Let’s see the folk recipes of corn and plantar callosities treatment.

  • The most effective and widely spread recipe: regular soap-soda baths. 2-3 teaspoons household soda, 1 tbsp cut laundry soap and 2 pints of hot water. The bath time is 30-40 minutes. Then scrape off the softened skin, wipe dry and apply a nourishing cream.

Feet Care1

  • If the corns are painful then add a bit of manganese crystals into the bath: dilute the manganese crystals with warm water (the water should be barely pink) and add some table salt into it. Put your feet into the bath water for 15-20 min. Don’t wipe them after it. The pain fades away surprisingly quickly.
  • This one can help to resorb the horny skin spots. Cold salt baths! Take 1 tbsp common salt and dissolve it with 2 pints of water. Hold the feet in there for 20-30 min. It’ll take away the pain and burning, and will soften the skin. The number of baths depends on the resorption process. It means that you should take baths until the compete healing.

  • Boil soft prunes in milk and take out the stones. Put them onto the corns until they are warm. Then change them for the hot ones when they get cool. Undergo the procedure for 20-30 min. The corns will come off soon.
  • Steam out your problematic feet before you go to bed, and tie to the corn a piece of lemon peel with a thin layer of pulp. Repeat the procedure 2-5 days.
  • Scrub off the corn neatly.
  • Take potato, peel it off and grate it. Then apply the gruel onto the corn or plantar callosities covering them with some cloths. Wash your feet thoroughly in the morning and do the procedure again if you feel necessary.

Feet Care

  • Apply a split aloe leaf for the whole night. Scrape the corn off in the morning.
  • Besides the abovementioned recipes the horny skin spot can be treated with onion. Layers of onion (or its gruel) can be put onto the corns, covered with polyethylene and elastic bandage. Leave it there for the night time and take away in the morning. Wash the feet, scrape away the softened skin and dry.
  • The same principle works with garlic, but probably, it’s less popular due to its poignant smell.

Take care of your feet!

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