Fashion Trends for Bald-Headed

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We used to think that passion for the body art is more characteristic for women, but it’s not like in fact. The English fop Philip Levine uses his head as a canvas for the creative inspiration. With the help of his body-art artist friend Kat Sinclair, Philip decors his head with all the possible flowers and designs.

Hair Fashion Trends for Bald-Headed

There are over thousand pictures in Philip’s collection at present. The source of inspiration is an animal and the vegetable kingdoms, fairy tails, movies, fashion and so on.

Fashion Trends for Bald-Headed Body Art

Using 1000 Swarovski crystals Kat created a disco ball.

Fashion Trends for Body Art Bald-Headed

Kat Sinclair and Philip Levine plan to exhibit the collection in London in May 2011. Moreover, the duet wants to open the beauty salon to provide the creative service for the wide public.

Fashion Trends 2010 for Bald-Headed

Fashion Hair Trends for Bald-Headed

Fashion Trends for Bald-Headed 2010

Fashion Trends for Bald-Headed

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