Effective Fitness Training: Work out using your Own Body Weight

Your own body weight is a perfect ‘tool’ to create resistance while exercising. Besides common bodyweight workout exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups you can go for another effective fitness training comprising the usage of special fitness tools to diversify your usual workout routine.

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Effective Fitness Training: Work out using your Own Body Weight

There is actually no need to invest in all this expensive and bulky fitness equipment or gym membership, as you can equally well work out at home, using our effective fitness training requiring just a few special fitness tools, such as various elastic workout bands or suspension trainers. Work out using your own body weight sticking to suspension training.

Suspension training is a kind of a bodyweight fitness regimen comprising the usage of a certain resistance band or more precisely suspension trainer. Suspension training involves the strengthening of every group of muscles. All you need is your own body weight and the suspension trainer itself. Moreover suspension training is the perfect fitness option for those who want to develop strength, flexibility and stamina at the same time.

Before you start your suspension training you should warm up your muscles in order to avoid injuries. You can buy resistance band or any other kind of elastic exercise bands to get your muscles prepared for the training itself. It takes 10-15 minutes of intensive warming up to be ready for suspension training.

Suspension Training Exercise Ideas

Actually suspension training involves a great variety of exercise for every group of muscles. Here is just a couple of them. The rest you will need is your own fantasy.

#1: Suspended Crunch to Train your Abs

Effective Fitness Training: Work out using your Own Body Weight

Suspension trainer foot cradles positioned 8-12’’ from the floor. Kneel with your back to the system and place your toes into the foot holders. Place your hands as if you are doing push-up, then lift your hips moving your knees towards the chest. After extend your legs back. Try this exercise to tone up your abdominal muscles.

#2: Back Row to Train your Back

Effective Fitness Training: Work out using your Own Body Weight

To perform this exercise you are to shorten your suspension trainer completely. Holding your hands on the cradles, lean back on outstretched arms and then lift your body like you are doing somewhat similar to a reverse push-up. Keep doing to tone up the muscles of your upper and middle back.

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