Delicate Zone’s Cosmetics

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Coming back to the talk about the delicate zones’ care.

There are so many medicine products for the intimate hygiene on the market. The cosmetic for delicate zone choice requires the most careful approach. Daily use (before you go to bed and after you awake as well as after intimacy) of intimate hygiene products on the basis of lactic acid becomes a frequent recommendation of gynecologists.

Lactic acid is responsible for the normal acid-base balance, chamomile and aloe extracts moisten a vagina mucous preventing it from various inflammation and infections.

From the large range of the intimate hygiene care products you can mark out: gels, wipes, mousse, special soap and intimate deodorants.


Gels go well to the women with sensitive type of skin that doesn’t endure any soap. Gels are pretty liquid and aren’t rich in lather but on the other hand they have more moistening components than any other intimate soap.


They are light, tender and much more delicate than gels. Mousse is pretty similar to the gel in its composition. Moreover, if the mousse contains a lactic acid, then it can be ranged to the prophylactic.


Sometimes it happens that you simply can’t use gel (being at work or somewhere else), for such cases you have wipes for intimate hygiene. Their soft basis is saturated with special lotion rich in lactic acid, moistening oils and herbal extracts. They are easy to handle and carry in your handbag.

Intimate soap

This kind of soap is much more delicate than the ordinary one. It perfectly moistens delicate places skin. What is more is that it contains no aromatizers, preservatives and dye stuff added. But on the contrary, there are herbal extracts in it.


If you got used to the absolute cleanliness, try a water basis deodorant for intimate hygiene. It doesn’t smell at all but ideally muffles your natural “aroma”. But take into account the fact that the use of deodorant requires a clean body – it can’t substitute washing!!!

Being fastidious in such sort of issues you guarantee your health and health of your future babies. Be good and take care.

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