Cindy Crawford Shares About Her Cellulite Body

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The word illustrious supermodel Cindy Crawford openly talks about her nowadays appearance and shape. Probably she is not afraid to be criticized for her body imperfections as she told Berbook magazine:

“There’s another pressure, especially in L.A… I think I look good for my age. I am not 25; I am 43. That feels like a big pressure, especially when the National Enquirer is dying to get a picture.

Cindy Crawford Red Book 2009

I am so aware that I don’t want to change the way I live because of that kind of attention. So you say, “Screw it. I am wearing this bikini, and I am not putting on a cover-up.” You just brace yourself for a bad picture.”

The mother-of-two, 10-year-old Presley and Kaia, seven, with her husband Rande Gerber – has also revealed fans are sometimes disappointed when they meet her and realise motherhood has taken a toll on her figure.

“I always say even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford! What people see on magazine covers is one moment that was perfect — the wind, the light, the hair, the makeup. That’s a two-hour process.

People get excited that they’re meeting the Cindy Crawford from the Playboy spread 13 years ago, and I am a mother of two now. I have to check in with myself. It’s good to have an awareness of that outside pressure; I can’t let it get to my core. I love my life.”

That’s the sort of words that are so pleasant to hear!

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