Bikini Body Workouts

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Summer is approaching rapidly, with the blasting party nights, sea vacations and bikini body exposure. Is your body ready for the hot summer nights? Well, if you are not certain about that, no worries – you still have time for that, and today we present the ultimate bikini body workouts!

Bikini Body Exercising

Perfect Beach Body Exercises

There are different ways of toning up your body to be fit for you bikini, however nothing is going to help like hard work and exercising! Get ready for some dedication, and workout plans, but the result of course is definitely worth it.

First of all, you need regularity of your workout. That is quite hard, but the results pay off. Once you get into your routine exercising, not matter what it is everything will be easier. The usual areas that need toning are abs, buttocks and legs. Don’t think that to tone up you have to spend hours in the gym, about 20-30 minutes of exercising at home would do the trick.

Bikini Body Exercising

One of the best and easiest ways to tone up your thighs and buttocks are side leg lifts. Lay on the mat and keeping the back straight, lift the leg. While doing that it is important to keep your abs tight, this will add up to your workout. Before switching legs do it for about 20-25 times.

Now, crunches as you know are the easiest way to get flat abs. Lay on your back, and bring your knees to your elbows. Make sure that the neck is not taking part in this procedure. Another thing advised is cardiovascular exercising, as they encourage your body to loose weight and burn calories.

Don’t forget about stretching, as this not only saves you from muscle cramps, but also it will protect your skin from cellulite. Do interval training in your regular exercise routine, which means that you have to engage in the workout at your normal pace and the speed up for 5 minutes and repeat. Work your way to the perfect bikini body, the result is worth it!

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  1. Julia Says:

    These are all great tips. However, one suggestion would be to take a kickboxing class for those that can. This is a great way to workout because you have a trainer pushing you to do more than you may believe yourself capable of doing.

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