Ankle Weights: Pros and Cons

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Ankle weights are little straps that can be tied to your ankles to increase your workload while walking, running or exercising. If you are unfamiliar with ankle weights yet, this is a perfect page to start with because today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of ankle weights!

ankle weights

Benefits and Dangers of Ankle Weights

Ankle weights, as you know are little helpers that come in 2.5 or 5.0 lbs. and can be found in any sport store. Generally, it is advised to start with the lowest weight, and then turn to heavier versions. It is really easy to put them on: just strap them around your ankles. The added weight will increase any general activity that will add up to an exercise lot.

As the resistance during the most common activities builds up, more calories are burning. However, despite the miracles that are described by users, there are several drawbacks. First of all, don’t wear the ankle weights without socks, because they irritate the skin. Second, if you will try to alternate your moves by helping your legs with hips, you might cause an injury to yourself.

ankle weights

Another thing is a threat to your joints, as they have to work with additional weight. It can cause sprains and stress fractures. Also, even more danger awaits when ankle weights are removed, as the brain gets used to having more input into strength, and once the ankle weights are removed there is no need in extra strength. That is when a problem occurs.

Ankle weights also create imbalance, since the mental map of your legs in your brain and the actual situation differ. Therefore, the actions performed would not be as smooth as usual. Moreover, the cardiovascular value of the activity, which you perform, is lowered, since the ankle weights are more tiring and physically exhausting. So, as you see, there are certain dangers associated with ankle weights, so if you do want to use them, be careful.

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