5 Workout Do’s And Don’ts

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So when you are working out hard you want to see results and fast but making mistakes is inevitable and not doing some things can hinder whatever the goal you’re trying to achieve. Here are some ideas on the most common workout mistakes and simple things we forget to do when working out.

Workout Do’s And Don’ts

Woman on a rowing machine

Woman on a rowing machine

Do Watch Your Back

Is your back straight when you’re doing the weights session? Do you keep your posture on a stationary bike? Keep it from arching and slouching when you work out whether you’re doing cardio and especially lifting heavy weights as the latter can hurt your back if it’s in the wrong position.

On a stationary bike keep your back straight even if you are leaning on a wheel.

Do Rest In Between Workouts

It might seem like a great idea in the beginning but working out every day is not very effective because your muscles require some recover time. Everyday workouts are great for those who can’t afford training more than an hour a day. Yet still an hour of weight lifting can leave you sore and your muscles in need of recovery. It’s best to rest at least a day after a gruelling workout. Otherwise you can burn out pretty quickly.

Do Vary Your Workouts

Doing one exercise day after day will give less and less results with time as they body adjust to the routine. Mixing and varying your cardio and lifting sessions is the key to maximizing results. So say, you love the treadmill, make sure you don’t abandon other trainers just to walk on a treadmill. Include all cardio machines into your cardio routine to make the most of your training.

If you hate gym you can choose from a really wide range of other workouts and mix them up as well. From fitness ballet to yoga to pilates you can choose whatever you like and achieve almost any goal.

Do Focus On Exercise

When you text or chat while exercising your focus is shifted and you don’t pay much attention to what you’re doing let alone how you’re doing it, which is crucial for effective workout. Doing exercise correctly can not only yield faster and better results but more importantly prevent injury.

Do Lift Weights

It’s been said by every professional out there but without lifting weights you run the risk of having a pretty slim yet flabby body. Weights make you toned and ripped. And not those pink or purple 5 lb dumbells. Ask your trainer or other fitness professional in your gym about which weights will get you started without the risk of injury. But you must feel the burn. Otherwise there will be no results.

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