5 Tips To Keep Sun Tan

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I’m one of those women who whats to keep the sun tan for as long as it is possible.

What’s been interesting for me to know is that tan duration depends on the place we’ve got it at: weather it was a beach shore, in the country or somewhere else. Southern tan has a tendency to paling much faster than the northern one. In any case, there are ways to make it remain on your skin longer!


Vitamin A

As the skin becomes dry under the sun rays, it badly needs vitamin A nourishment both from outside (in kind of body oil or body lotion used after the shower or bath), and inside (there are plenty of vitamin pills in the drugstores).

Take the right meals

Include into your every day ration beef liver, milk, eggs, apricots, spinach, carrot and probably all the red and yellow vegetables and fruit. Accept it as a rule to have one glass of carrot juice every morning.

Taking sunbath

Moisten and protect your skin

It’s an obligation to moisten the skin with creams before and afteryou sunbathe. Usually the skin gets dry after the sun baths and it unfortunately means – Bye-bye tanning! Moistened skin keeps the tan much longer than the dry one.

Taboo to sauna

If you’re a constant sauna visitor, you have no other choices but to wait a little with washing yourself as tan peels off much faster from the steamed-out skin. And steer clear of the scrubs. They affect the skin the same way as sauna does.

Use folk remedies

  • Add several tbsp tea or coffee into the bath.
  • Or make ice cubes with tea or coffee.
  • Besides, you can apply the following mask onto the skin to keep your fabulous summer tan: Peel off 2-3 tomatoes, smash them and mix with 2 tbsp curds, 1 tea spoon vegetable oil and 1 tbsp milk. Put the mixture onto the face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm and cold water in turns.

As for me, I practice these simple tips all the time. It helps me to enjoy my tan longer!

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One Response to “5 Tips To Keep Sun Tan”
  1. nour Says:

    Heyy so i went to the beach and i got tanned and i love it but i am afarid it will go off cause i am not going to the beach anymore cuase i am busy so what should i do to keep it?
    thx :)

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