3 Slender Legs Tips From Eva Longoria

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It is considered that one cannot have slender legs if she is petite and shorter no taller than 70 inches.

The smallest from the Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria, has “the most beautiful legs in Hollywood” according to the US magazine proving the statement is wrong.

It isn’t important what height you are (Eva is of 5.2 ft herself), what Is important is what measures you take to make your legs look stunning.

Let’s discover the secret of awesome-looking legs of one of the hottest women in the world.

  • First of all, Eva practices daily walks. Taking care of her feet, she wears heel no more than 3 in.

Eva Longoria Parker2

Let yourself to fool about a little! Imagine that you are a ballet dancer and stroll your way home on tiptoes so that the body weight fall not on the heel but the on the toes. Your blood circulation system will be thankful to you!

To consolidate the achieved success, pamper your feet regularly with lymph drainage massage and get used to sleep with a-bit-lifted legs or practice some dancing far more frequently.

Attention! If you have an inclination to the varicosity or any other vein disease, stay away from the sport activities that presuppose long standing on one spot or abrupt jumps – tennis, fencing, basketball and etc.

  • Eva prefers leg swings.

Stand still and base your weight onto the one bent-knee leg. Hold your back upright, and move the pelvis a bit forward. Don’t stoop! Swing the other leg ahead, to the sides and backward.

Then switch the leg. Start with the cycle of 30 times for each leg a week. Then you can increase the number of repetitions.

Swings from the lying position are very efficient as well. Lie down onto the left side and your lean will be the elbow of the left hand. Imagine that you are squeezed between the walls and your leg can move only up and down, no left-right.

Lift the leg as slowly as you can with toe “looking” at you. Then try this exercise for the other leg. Start from two sets per week with 50 times for every leg.

  • Meals

Hollywood starlet watches her leg skin condition either. She has taken final leave of the cellulite and excessive water after correcting the meals. If you want the same non cellulite slims that she has, then your aim is to stimulate the blood circulation.

For this purpose you’d better minimize the salt intake: salt the ready food in the plates, don’t eat the meals that were salted already (not by yourself). The top food of this list is chips, sausages and cheese.

Pick out the products responsible for the chemical waste body cleaning: green tea, parsley, asparagus, fennel, red grape and the ones that help strengthen the vessels walls: citrus, fish, sea products and green vegetables.

Eva adores high heel but her legs always look healthy and awesome! So now it’s your turn to have the same! Stop waiting now and get practicing!

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