3 Fitness Trends You’ll Be Seeing A Lot in 2016

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Tired of butt cult and long hours of cardio? Then here are some good news and some bad news. The butt cult doesn’t seem to really begin to subside but at least there is another body part you can get obssessed with along with your training partner. And while you still have to trick yourself into eating the right stuff or at least make an effort Tabata training program will help you shed some weight quite fast.

3 Fitness Trends of 2016



Tabata is still going strong as a fitness trend. And it’s no wonder, it’s less time-consuming and is challenging enough to cause some serious weight loss. Just don’t neglect your strength training if you still want curves in all the right places. Also some low-impact activity can help reduce inflamation in the body as opposed to high intensity training regimen like Tabata, which can increase it and take toll on your body if you overdo it.

Tricks to eat less

Mental Fitness

Finding ways to trick, re-train, or otherwise make your mind crave healthy food or at the very least not crave sweets and junk food is all the rage right now. Increasing your ‘mental fitness’ can be the key to your success in a more material dimension but don’t get carried away.

Strong back

Strong Back

A strong back is having a bubble butt moment right now. Okay, maybe not that big of a moment but nevertheless, more and more people realize the importance of a well-rounded physique, which doesn’t only include abs and/or butt (biceps for men) but also, well, maybe a strong back too. Here is how you get a strong sexy back.

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