Facts About Metabolism

Metabolism is responsible for providing us with energy that our organism takes from food that we consume. Often slow metabolism is blamed for excess weight but metabolism is way more complex a process so here are several facts about it.

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Facts About Metabolism

Metabolism is a complex process of converting food into energy. Metabolism can be slower and faster in people of different sex and age. There is a link between metabolism and weight but experts say that metabolism is not entirely responsible for weight. Diet and physical activity or lack thereof impact weight way more than fast or slow metabolism. Here are some more facts about metabolism:

Metabolism Is Genetic

Everyone has different metabolism and it’s important to know what BMR (basal metabolic rate) one has. BMR means the calories that the body burns at rest. Metabolism can be “slow” or “fast”. But metabolism can surely be boosted by introducing a regular physical activity into the lifestyle. Growing muscle mass and losing fat makes body burn more calories at rest.

Muscles Burn More Calories Than Fat

Muscles burn more calories than fat. Physical exercise helps build muscle mass that burns more calories even when the body is at rest.

Metabolism Depends On Sex And Age

Young people tend to have faster metabolism. But because we lose muscle mass with age metabolism slows down. The best way to boost one’s metabolism regardless of sex or age is physical training. It must be performed with care  and under professional supervision especially when it comes to weight training but growing and training muscles is simply important plus it boosts metabolism.

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