Exchanging heels for flats, is it really so safe?

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You can often observe such a scene in the streets around office blocks – women sliding out of their spikes and into their sneakers for the walk home. (I did the same!) Actually we can see it every day. But it’s not so safe according to the recent research. And moreover it might be better off if they don’t change their shoes at all.
Exchanging heels for flats after work
Wobbling around in their stilettos will cause muscle injury which leads to discomfort or even pain while walking in flat shoes.

It happens because, in time, walking in heels makes calf muscles shorter and weaker. When one transfers to flats, the calf muscles are suddenly stretched into a position they are not used to, causing pain and discomfort.

Professor Marco Narici, who led the research, said:

…who wears heels five days a week over two years can shrink calf muscles by up to 13 per cent!

It doesn’t take very long for this to happen – our research looked at people who had worn heels regularly for the last two years.

Exchanging heels for flats after work
And don’t think that only killer heels wearers suffer from this ailment, scientists maintain that even women who wear relatively low 2in heels can suffer from long-term muscle damage.

You’ve sure already noted that when you wear high heels, you have to walk on tiptoes, it causes reducing the distance between your ankles and the backs of your knees. But when your heels are taken off, calf muscles stretch to compensate extension.

But go a bit steady about getting upset! You have the only way to prevent it is by doing stretching exercises at the end of the day.

One recommendation involves

…placing the right foot on a step, and the left foot on the next step up. The right foot should be moved so that the heel hangs off the step, and lowered until the calf muscle feels stretched. This should be repeated several times on each side.

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