Elle Macpherson’s Perfect Body Secrets

Elle Macpherson looks incredibly hot even besides she is already 48. Wonder what helps her to look so gorgeous? Keep reading to learn Elle Macpherson’s perfect body secrets.

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Elle Macpherson’s beauty radiates literally from within. Radiant smile, fascinating look and absolutely PERFECT BODY! The 48-year-old mother of two has revealed her perfect body secrets; learn what helps Elle to look so good.

Elle Macpherson’s Perfect Body Secrets

Elle no doubt has a perfect figure and very youthful glowing skin that can’t but make me think she is much younger that we used to think. But facts indicate the opposite; the supermodel Elle Macpherson has started her very successful modeling career in early 80s. Being a 17-year-old girl she astounded everybody with her hot killer body and keeps doing it up till now being a successful 48-year-old businesswoman.

Elle is sure that beauty should come from within that is why she prefers only organic food. Besides, yoga and meditation is what Elle sticks to.

I eat and drink organic fair trade food. I also practise yoga or meditate and exercise regularly.

Also she clearly understands that age is taking its toll. Though it isn’t reflected on her appearance, it has an impact on her workout routine.

I love working with my trainer James Duigan, although I’m nearly 50 now so I have different requirements to when I was 20… I don’t run eight miles a day like I used to.

As for her beauty routine, Elle admits that in the past the key point of her beauty regimen was a sunscreen with high SPF and cowboy hat in the sun to keep her face skin and hair from harmful UV-rays.

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