Women Put on Weight When in Relationship

New British study polled 1000 women and found out that over 50 per cent of women gain weight after they met their partners between one and two stone, quarter gained less than one stone and a worrying 12 per cent put on over two stone, placing them firmly in the overweight or even obese category.

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New study found out that when a woman founds a long-term partner she starts putting on weight. It’s unbelievable but 90 percent of women gain weight when they began new relationship and settle down with ‘reliable’ men! The average woman puts on a belt-busting 16lbs, with the majority (56 per cent) starting to gain weight just four to six months in to the relationship. This happens when women reached the stage when they felt truly comfortable with their partner.

1,000 women were polled by weight management company LighterLife and over a third of these 1000 blamed increased amounts of cosy nights with their men. One in five said it was because they felt confident enough and thought they shouldn’t have worried their figure, while one in ten said their weight gain was because they started consuming a growing number of high calorie dinners with their partners.

Mandy Cassidy, Psychotherapist for LighterLife, comments:

I regularly hear women say that their weight crept up a few months into a long-term relationship. When single or in the courtship stage, butterflies and a desire to look you best mean that staying trim is high on the agenda.”

And here is women’s main mistake as Dr. Cassidy says:

As soon as things start to get serious many women realize that their partner will be there for them no matter what they look like. This, combined with lifestyle changes and matching male portion sizes, all result in excess weight.”

Dr. Cassidy goes on:

We have coined the term Love Stone, as a phrase that embodies the extra pounds women associate with the comfy stage of a relationship.”

Of the 90 per cent who said they gained weight after meeting their long-term partner, two thirds put on between one and two stone. A quarter gained less than one stone and a worrying 12 per cent put on over two stone, placing them firmly in the overweight or even obese category.

Practicing GP and TV personality Dr Hilary Jones says:

There’s nothing wrong with a few treats now and then and it’s important to feel comfortable with your figure whatever size you are, but eating portions that are too large or not healthy will ultimately have an impact in the long term.”

Women need 500 less calories a day than men, but when meals are prepared together it is easy to match the size of the portion. Just a few extra calories a day is enough for weight to creep on over time, as this survey demonstrates.”

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