Women Go On The New Year Diet

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The fair sex representatives plunge into getting ready to the holidays from November already.

According to the researches done by the British scientists, the bulk majority of women (58%) go on a diet since November. This way the crave for looking good on the company and family celebrations.

Women Go On a New Year Diet

71% of the respondents are on the balances diet of “healthy” meals, the quarter stay away from breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and 4% – from breakfasts only. As results of the poll showed, women usually plan to get rid of 9-10 pounds.

Some of them even buy outfits two sizes smaller to have the aimed body shape. Though not all of them can pull it on, that’s why they rush to purchase another one on the eve of the holiday.

21% of those who are on a Christmas diet, gain weight rapidly after the feasts. And 17% of them get their previous weight to the New Year Party.

Let’s have a look at the diets celebs ever tried.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman diet

One of the queerest diets the star had ever went through will surely delight the one who likes sweets. The actress claims that to loose weight, she ate ice cream, chocolate and puddings. But in fact she avoided any other meals at all.

If your ice cream is a fruit one, chocolate – plain, and pudding – fatless, then you’ll manage to loose weight indeed. Though, the maximum limit you can afford being on this diet is 5 days. And you should strictly control the amount of the eaten sweets.

If all the conditions are fulfilled, then you cope with the couple of unwanted pounds for real. The Kill Bill actress lost 22 pounds before filming.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

The secret of her diet is to have regular meals every 3 hours (that is approximately 6 times a day).

The menu looks like the following: 7 a.m. – omelet or sandwich with ham, 10 a.m. – a piece of chocolate (the dark one), 1 p.m. – small portion of macaroni with cheese, 4 p.m. – small cracker, 7 p.m. baked potato with green vegetables and chicken breast, 10 p.m. – a pear or an apple.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

The diet of the Austin Powers star is very simple and is called “the Diet of the Primitive Man” or “Paleolithic”. It consists of the products that our ancestors ate: seafood, fish, meat, chicken, eggs, nuts, fruits, berries and vegetables.

No refined products and semi-finished products. Diary, all floured products, cereals, salt and sugar fall into the blacklist either. Lean meat, liver and kidneys are preferable. Among vegetables you’d better have root vegetables: carrot, turnip, parsnip but not potato and beans.

Nuts should be Brasil nuts, Circassian walnuts and almonds (control the amount). Strawberries, bilberries and raspberries are preferable among berries.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

Do doubts, that this world illustrious super model watches her body shape, but sometimes there are moments when she uses her secret diet tips. The whole diet takes 3 days and it’s very effective when one is in urgent need of 5-6-pounds-loss.

Mineral water is without any restrictions. And very-very small portions of the other food.

The menu looks approximately this way:

Breakfast: 1 soft boiled egg (without salt).

Lunch: 0.5 pounds low-fat curbs and sugar-free tea

Afternoon snack: again 0.5 pounds low-fat curbs and sugar-free tea

Dinner: no dinner!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and the City actress is a fan of the “frozen” diet. According to the scientists’ opinion, cold water cuts down the fat, because it takes twice as much energy to our organism to digest the food than to the assimilation of the warm one.

What can you eat in this case? First of all: frozen fruits, berries, fruit water ice and milky ice cream. The indispensable condition of the diet is to have meal every 1.5 hours to avoid the feeling of hunger.

The duration of the diet ranges from 1-3 days.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Posh girl has tried almost all existing diets ever but the most effective one she found is eating sushi and fresh pineapples and marine algae cocktails.

Such kind of ration will help you to loose 6-7 pounds in 6-7 days. Once, the mother-of-three was on this diet for the whole month and lost almost 22 pounds. Though it must be her after-birth period, as she is always slim enough.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

The basis of her diet is fish, including fat sorts, for example, mackerel and salmon. The point is that you shouldn’t fry it but steam or grill only.

Besides it, Pretty Woman likes vegetable salads and lemon juice and olive oil as well as berries and nuts.

But she steers clear of eggs, meat, rice, macaroni, potato and sugar. The result will show both on your weight loss and amazing skin condition.

Katy Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katy often goes on a popular Hollywood diet. The secret is simple – green tea of high quality that should be taken 5 times per day. Moreover, any non-starchy vegetables and fruits are allowed, twice a day you can have meat or fish cooked fat-free.

So, ladies, no matter what diet you are on, the goal is obvious, but don’t overdo with it, pl!

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