Want A Healthy Baby?

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Scientists from the American Dietetic Association advise the pregnant women to opt for vegetarian meals. As a vegetarian diet promotes bearing a child and maintains a future-mother health.

Pregnant Woman Eating Salad

This study was held on the basis of 3 groups of Ireland women for seven years. The population of this region was chosen not by random but because they took any sort of vitamins very seldom.

American specialists consider well-planned vegetarian diet fits all life cycles of the woman including pregnancy, breastfeeding and so on. It has a large range of the advantages like food low in fat and cholesterol, but rich in protein and folic acid. B12 vitamin deficit can be compensated by the polyvitamins or cereals.

“Women who follow a vegetarian diet, carry a non-problem and healthy diet and they feel even better than going-to-be-mothers eating meat.” – say specialists.

Pregnant Woman Eating An Apple

“They eat fruits, vegetables, cereals and other wholesome vegetarian meals enriched with B12 vitamin taking all nutrients from it.”

This diet can help women to avoid hormones and ecological toxins in diary, meat and fish. The analysis of the mother’s milk has showed that ecological pollutant level if much lower of vegetarian moms than non vegetarian ones.

It’s hard to follow any diet during pregnancy period but you should try at least.

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