VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

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VS’s angels are absolute exemplars of how every girl wants to look like, and it is no wonder as VS’s models have sooo hot bodies. And no matter that some of them are already more than 30, they look even better than some 20-year-old girls. But how VS’s angels succeed in keeping such great hot shapes? I got interested in it and here is what I’ve found out. VS’s angels’ hot body secrets revealed!

To look perfect Victoria’s Secret models stick to a unique body care system that includes peculiar food and exercises. The main point of this diet is to cut out, so to say, ‘treated’ food (I mean fried and boiled); instead VS’s angels eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.

VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

Also it is very important to eat more organic products, as they contribute to skin moistening that helps to keep its tonus. Another important component that helps to get rid of extra weight is protein (lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat milk food).

VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

In addition to that, every Victoria’s Secret’s angel sticks to her own way of dieting. Here are some of them:

Adriana Lima

VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

Adriana keeps so called ‘portion control diet’ which means that one can eat everything but in the limited amount. Also Adriana eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and supplements this diet with capoeira. And here are the results:

Gisele Bundchen

VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

You won’t believe it but the secret of Gisele’s hot body is in meat! This fabulous VS’s angel likes cheeseburgers and supplements her way of nutrition with yoga, outdoor walks, and relaxation. Gisele Bundchen also adds red pepper in food that improves metabolism. And actually Gisele is very lucky, as she can eat everything and keep her hot shape.

Heidi Klum

VS’s Angels: Hot Body Secrets

After giving birth to her baby-girl she stuck to a diet that limits food consumption to 1200 calories a day, and also it is prohibited to eat after 8:00 pm. In addition Heidi completely cut out milk food, bread, sweets, and alcohol. The VS’s angel eats every 3 hours that lets organism work and tap reserves. Between meals Heidi eats apples. Apple satisfies hunger and is a great source of antioxidants that helps to keep beauty.

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