Vodka: new remedy from fatness?

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It sounds ludicrous but Liz Hurley states vodka is better than wine if you want to keep your waist slim.

The actress has confessed she has been made to choose a more extreme diet to keep her figure nice-looking. She has cut on coffee and wine and at parties she opts for vodka instead.

elizabeth hurley

When asked whether she missed wine, the 44-year-old said:

No, I don’t miss having a glass of wine because I’ve switched to vodka. I don’t really like vodka that much but if I’m at a party I have a small one with a lot of fizzy water and a huge squeeze of lime. Initially it’s like medicine but I’ve got used to it now.’

Speaking about the harm coffee and wine could bring Miss Hurley said:

I used to drink an awful lot of coffee, but I was told after the age of 40 you have to be careful with coffee and wine. Apparently, that can be one of the reasons older women get bloated around their stomach.’

Having put her acting career aside Liz has focused on her swimwear range and modelling.

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