Tan-Friendly Diet Tips

A proper diet plan is absolutely fundamental for those who want to get even, golden tan. It is important to prepare your body from the inside with tan-friendly food intake, as certain foods can really promote tanning while others impede it. Learn what one should eat to get stainless tan.

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Best Tan-Friendly Diet

It is an open secret that tan intensity depends on melanin production. Certain tan-friendly diet can stimulate its production from the inside that would help to make your skin tanned naturally. Here you can find the best tan-friendly diet tips for enviably perfect tanned skin!

There are some vitamins and microelements that are essential if you want to get perfect tan and keep your health against harmful influence of UV-rays.

Best Tan-Friendly Diet

  • Vitamin A promotes skin cell regeneration making it steady against harmful sun rays. Eggs, sea fish, greens are rich in Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E containing in vegetable oils protects our skin against premature aging that is important when it concerns sun tanning.
  • Meanwhile beer, alcoholic cocktails, coffee, cocoa, and soda are no-nos, if you want to get even tan, as all these drinks slow down melanin production. It is better to opt for herbal or green tea, mineral or plain water while lying on the beach.
  • Fall on carrot that is rich in carotene which helps to add that golden glow to your skin tone.

To get noticeable effect you are to stick to the tan-friendly diet 4weeks before the regular sunbathing. But remember it can NOT substitute sunblock; this nutrition plan can only improve and fix the results. Therefore it is very important to choose proper sunscreen.

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  1. ashwani Says:

    sir tel me the pure vegetarian foods that produce skin melanin in human

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