Risky Soya Food!

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Soya comes from the soya bean pods that are located in the soya plant. The scientific name is Glycin Max and it is from the Pea family (Fabaceae). Soya bean pods were first cultivated in China over 4000 years ago. Nowadays, they are mostly grown in North and South America in addition to China.

Risky Soya Food1

Soya is an alternative for people who are lactose intolerant and/or vegan (airy-free milk, yogurt, vegan cheese, and tofu). But as we got used to see soya in the food stuff, we don’t know that soya can cause a serious healthy risk.

Scientists claim that soya foods might lower the testosterone levels in men, disturb thyroid functioning that leads to many health disorders.

According to the various studies, soya is found in over 60% of processed foods. The following also contain soya often: breakfast cereals, cereal bars and biscuits, cheese, cakes, dairy desserts, gravies, noodles, pastries, soups, sausage casings, sauces and sandwich spreads.

Risky Soya Food

According to some publications, soya baby formula could cause problems in male infants. Research at Edinburgh University UK into the effects of soya milk on young male monkeys found it interfered with testosterone levels, prompting concerns over fertility and disease in grown men. Furthermore, studies in Japan suggest a high intake of soy-based products can disrupt the thyroid gland, leading to weight gain, fatigue and mood problems.

Marilyn Glenville, nutritionist and author of the Nutritional Health Handbook For Women, says:

Soya can block the uptake of the chemical iodine which is needed for a healthy thyroid. Turnips, cabbage, peanuts and pine nuts have similar effects. If you are diagnosed with a thyroid problem, you’ll be told to restrict your intake of all these foods.”

She also added:

“Don’t overdo it. It is healthy in small quantities, but could be unhealthy if eaten in excess.”

It’s wholesome if its one small portion – about 30g a day. But if you vary your food, there is no problem at all.

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