Revolutionary Weight Loss Secret: Thermo Diet

Thermo diet is a new revolutionary weight loss secret offered by an American writer, Timothy Ferriss. Keep reading to learn how to lose weight without starving and exhausting exercising.

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Tim claims that it is absolutely real to lose extra pounds with the help of thermo diet. Cold shower, cold drinks and minimum clothes is everything what you need to stick to thermo diet.

Revolutionary Weight Loss Secret: Thermo Diet

He thinks that it is possible to burn up more calories with the help of cold. Besides you won’t need to change your usual food ration. In order not to sound proofless, Timothy provides documentary evidence of his diet efficiency. Actually NASA experts have already proven that taking a cold bath or shower boosts metabolism rate that lead to weight loss. Ferriss also claims that it is thermo diet which helps him to keep in shape. The combination of 30-minute cold shower, cold drinks and the absence of warm clothes help him to lose 16 pounds for 12 weeks.

Well, are you ready to get rid of warm clothes and take cold shower for 30 minutes daily?

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