Pixie Lott Promotes to Be Not Skinny

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The Boys and Girls hitmaker Pixie Lott doesn’t worry about her weight as she thinks she can eat whatever she wants while she is young. She doesn’t feel pressure to be skinny.

Pixie Lott says she doen't want to be skinny

Why should she, the metabolism of young people works well so there is no problem to fit the shape. The 19-year-old singer, who recently launched her own clothing range for British high street store Lipsy, commented it:

“When you’re young you can eat what you want, or that’s what I’m hoping.”

However, Pixie Lott says it’s tough avoiding unflattering paparazzi pics.

She explained:

“It’s really annoying, because you have to watch when you get out of the car.”

English actress admitted that sometimes she gets ready for some glamorous events in some strange places.

She said:

“I love having my make-up done. But it’s not always so glamorous. I got ready for the Europe Music Awards (EMAs) on the plane! I’d flown in from America and connected straight onto another flight for Berlin. We had to wash my hair with two of us crammed in the tiny toilet cubicle. I don’t think the air hostess was very impressed!”

Pixie Lott is very talented and hope that she will stand against the pressure to look skinny. She is fit and hot the way she is.

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