Paris Hilton’s Far-out Diet Tips

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Paris Hilton has some quite far-out diet tips. A persistent fan of not-so-useful McDonald’s and Taco Bell, she advises to eat more chocolate, fast food, lasagne, and drinking Coca-Cola. Although these diet tips sound off the wall, just look at Paris Hilton and go on reading! This blonde socialite also sets on readers of her book, Confessions of an Heiress to eat a lot of sushi, which is full of antioxidant-rich vegetables, alga and heart-healthful fish.

Paris Hilton's Far-out Diet Tips

Paris recommends not taking diet sodas and synthetic sweeteners, and advises to drink the natural version instead. The famous heiress also admits that the label “diet-food” means nothing for her as diet doesn’t always mean healthful!

Paris Hilton believes that life is too short to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. But of course it doesn’t mean that you can eat lots of candies or whatever you like; you can indulge yourself by eating your fave foods in moderation.

…eating well shouldn’t be about deprivation…

Sounds positive! Maybe these Paris Hilton’s far-out diet tips are really worth of being tried?!

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