Olives: are they wholesome?

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I guess there are hardly a few people who don’t love olives. We value these little berries for their exotic taste and when eating them we rarely think about the use they bring for our health.


However, it has been known for long that olives contain a complex of substances strenthening cell membranes. Thanks to these substances each olive consumed by us influences well the functioning of cardio-vescular system, liver and digestive organs.

For example, if one wants to open his bowels and get rid of stones in gallbladder he has to swallow several olives daily without removing seeds from them. This procedure is very useful for elderly people as well, for strenthening bones and improving the work of liver.

Olive oil is the most wholesome of all natural oils. Even when heated it doesn’t produce carcinogens.

olive oil

Besides, olive oil is an effective loss weight product as it regulates the assimilation of salts and fats. If you want to lose weight, take one teaspoon of olive oil every morning or eat 10-12 olives to see the result soon.

Eat olives and be healthy!

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  1. Jennifer Banks Says:

    I was looking for Olives Nutrition and found your site. Thank you for this post, it was very helpful.

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