Nicole Scherzinger Runs Away From Chocolate

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Nicole Scherzinger is intended to give up chocolate for the New Year 2010. The PCD singer has to work out a lot to keep the body shape she has. But her real “weakness” is chocolate that she wants to cut out.

Nicole Scherzinger

She says:

“I say this every year but this year I really want to cut out the chocolate. I eat too much chocolate. It’s my real weakness.”

Dating Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, the 31-year old chic is a permanent gum visitor as the gained chocolate calories should be withdrawn constantly. The singer hopes this change in her diet will give her more time to herself.

She added:

“I’m a terrible workaholic and when I’m not working I’m working out to get rid of the chocolate calories. If I stop I’ll actually be giving myself more free time.”

Nicole recently admitted that she always thought she was ugly until she joined the group in 2003.

She commented:

“Growing up, I was incredibly shy. And awkward. And lanky! I always thought I was an ugly duckling. I guess it worked out OK in the end. Ultimately though, true beauty shines from within.”

Interesting, because in fact she wasn’t a tyro at the music industry to that time. But only the Pussycat Dolls helped her disclose who she really is.

She said:

“I know joining the group helped me to find out who I am – and I love the message that any woman can be strong, confident and sexy.”

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