New weight loss drug invented – Qnexa

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People suffering obesity can feel happier as a new pill that tackles obesity has been created. According to the research the pill has helped a number of overweight people lose up to 15 per cent of their mass.

The drug called Qnexa has proved to be more effective than any other weight-loss medication on the market. Experts say patients can lose as much weight with Qnexa as they would in case they had obesity surgery.

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The results of the tests conducted with patients consuming a high dose of the drug showed the loss of almost 15 per cent of the body weight, while those who took a low dose achieved weight loss of eight per cent.

Dr Kishore Gadde, director of obesity clinical trials at Duke University in North Carolina, who was at the head of the study, said:

The weight loss observed with Qnexa in these trials far exceeds the weight loss observed for other obesity drugs.’

Qnexa, sometimes named as ‘smart drug’, is a combination of two medicines: phentermine, that works to control weight, and Topiramate, a drug licensed for epilepsy but as effective for weight loss problem solution. Both of the components are slowly released into the body during the day so there is no time where a patient feels hungry.

Totally 3,750 overweight people at 93 sites were tested. The average weight loss over 56 weeks was 14.7 per cent of body weight. The maximum result was witnessed in a woman who weighed 16st 9lb and lost 4.5 stones during the trial.
Dr Louis Aronne of New York Presbyterian Hospital, who accomplished of the tests, told the results were ‘spectacular’.

He added:

We are in desperate need of more options and effective drugs to treat obesity and the results of this trial were extremely encouraging.’

The results we were getting were as least as good as someone who was losing weight after gastric band surgery.’

Beside weight loss Qnexa proved to deal well with the patients’ blood pressure and heart health. Qnexa side effects are minor, including nausea, insomnia and dry mouth.

The drug is to go on sale in two years.

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