Muffin top chop – whould you dare?

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In modern world when everyone is so obsessed with beauty and slim figures muffin tops are considered wrong and very unsightly. Well, they do look bad but is that a signal for going for the ‘muffin top chop’?

muffin top

The operation is getting more and more popular with young and middle-aged women who are ready to pay up to £5,000 ($8,189) to have the muffin top fat vacuumed out, leaving them with a bulge-free figure.

Women who agree for the liposuction have tried to remove those bulges by excercising and diets but didn’t get the result the wanted.

Surgeon Patrick Mallucci, of London Plastic Surgery Associates, said:

We do not offer this as a quick-fix to weight loss. These are fit, healthy people who have done everything they can to lose weight. They have gone as far as they can and are left with these areas they can’t shift.’

The muffin top chop is a gentler version of the liposuction technique commonly used to slim flabby arms and heavy thighs.

During the operation the uppermost layers of fat are removed leaving the deeper deposits in place. Up to five pints of fat are sucked out through a fine tube inserted in up to three points in the waist and rear.

The operation is done under general anaesthetic and takes up to four hours. To prevent any complications patients need to stay in hospital overnight. And after the surgery, they will have to wear elasticised shorts for up to six weeks to reduce swelling.

Bruising will disappear within a fortnight but a week off work is needed to get a complete recovery. However, all-day bed rest is not recommended and patients are advised to remain active.

Not an easy or pleasant procedure I think, but probably some ladies are ready to suffer a bit to get the shape they desire. Tell me: would you go for the operation?

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3 Responses to “Muffin top chop – whould you dare?”
  1. Sherihan Says:

    No i would not go through such a thing, i admit that muffin tops can be really irritating but we must learn to love our bodies the way it is and do our best to keep it fit and healthy naturally and i really do thing that some of the clothes out there like tight and low waist jeans r the main reason for muffin tops, each woman must learn to wear what looks good on her and fits comfortably we should not run blindly after certain types of trends that dosent suit us or make our bodies look bad just coz its trendy or some celeperty is wearing.

  2. Nikki Says:

    That female in the picture doesnt have hardly anything…atleast it is a very SMALL looking muffin hey the best way NOT to get one to not wear jeans soo tight!!!…lol OR high wasted either that or just pull your pants up a bit….lol whenever i put my low riders on a just YANK’em up alittle…but they tend to slowly slide back down again…lol

  3. Nikki Says:

    and she has no butt i just noticed… :/

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