Most Stupid Mistakes We Make When We Diet

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Every woman has considered going on a diet at least once in her life. And for majority of us diet has become an ongoing practice. Sometimes we have good results and sometimes we have no results at all. Why does it happen? Can we be doing something wrong? Unfortunately, yes. When we diet we tend to make stupid mistakes which deprive us of the opportunity to get the body we want. The most surprising thing is that we can be totally unaware of the fact we are making a mistake. So, let’s find out what those mistakes are about.


1. Exercise. Diet doesn’t work without exercise. Sounds sad but that’s reality. Even if we shed a few pounds they are likely to return pretty fast as soon as we relax and indulge oursselves with something delicious. But when we exercise and diet (I’m not speaking about a severe diet though) our extra pounds are burnt easier and they don’t appear again.

2. Breakfast. We shouldn’t skip breakfast if we diet. The fact is that by the time we get up in the morning the last time that we ate can be as much as 8-10 hours ago. Our organism needs fuel in form of food to be able to function properly. Besides, when we have breakfast the chance of overeating during lunch is much smaller than if we don’t have breakfast.


3. Eating enough. Our body needs a certain number of calories during a day to work well. If we eat less than 1000 calories we can develop health problems (like eating disorder) or even die if we keep that habit for a long period of time. Besides, our metabolism will be wrecked (and it takes several years or all life to make it work right again).

4. Portion control. The amount of food we eat during one meal is important. If we eat too much our body might not be able to digest everything well. So, portion control is one of the things you have to keep in mind all the time. And remember that it is better to eat small portions five times a day than big portions three times a day.

5. Emotional eating. We get stressed every day. Problems seem to appear out of nowhere. And what do we do to feel better? We eat. That should be avoided. We should find a new way to relieve stress and recover from problems.
6. Enough sleep. Sleep is as important for our organism as food and water. If we get insufficient sleep our diet efforts are in vain.

Being one of those girls who diet all their lives I have to admit that I make these stupid mistakes which can be avoided so easily. What about you?

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